Insurance Surveys

About the Survey/ Report

An Insurance Survey, or C&V as it is often referred to, is a type of survey intended for use by insurance companies for evaluating whether or not they wish to insure a particular vessel. The survey has two primary purposes: 

  • (1) to identify the vessel, its equipment, condition and general value, and 
  • (2) to identify defects, damages or hazardous conditions that pose a potential threat to the safety of the vessel and its passengers, or any other such condition  that is likely to result in loss or damage.

Main Criteria Covered in a C&V Inspection

  • Hull and deck structure
  • Hull to deck joint
  • Bulkheads, Bondings, Frames grids and Stringers
  • Through hull fittings
  • Keel and Hull/Keel Join and Fixings
  • Mechanical installations
  • Steering system
  • Electrical installations
  • Navigation Equipment
  • Mast and rigging